• Expo Barometro is an indicator, based on conversations on Twitter, which detects the level of satisfaction the exhibition visitors. The peculiarity of the analysis lies in the fact that it selects the commentaries posted by the people who actually visited Expo, also during the days following their visit.

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    Open Expo, an initiative aiming at making the progress of works, financial flows, purchases and payments transparent and easy to be controlled, is enriched with new content and data that Expo2015 S.p.A. displays in open format on the website dati.openexpo2015.it. .


    The section EXPO 2015 Works is structured as a dashboard summarizing the progress of the Expo2015 preparatory works. The main page – with the aid of an interactive map and dynamic infographics – outlines the state of the art of the worksites of the 2015 Universal Exposition.

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    At a glance, like in a car dashboard, you can have a look at the work progressing in each worksite. The indicators Timing Advancement and Work in Progress indicate the passing of time and the work progress. Their ratio, the Potential Delay Index, may be either positive or negative: works are more advanced or lags behind compared to the expected duration of the worksite.

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    All data related to the 2015 Universal Exposition are set out in the OpenExpo open data catalogue; data is displayed in open format in accordance with the Open Definition. Datasets are released by means of open and standardized formats, with particular reference to: CSV and JSON.

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    The open data catalogue incorporates either datasets in CSV and JSON format, and a number of HTML files containing data visualization syntheses. 

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    All Expo 2015 works that are completed or being carried out, geo-localized in a map.

Why Open Expo

How much does it cost to us? Who has received an assignment as a consultant? What stage have the worksites reached?

Expo Barometro

Visitor satisfaction to Expo

Open data

The Expo 2015 open data catalogue

EXPO 2015 works

Check the state of progress of Expo 2015 works


Report inaccuracies, missing datasets, useful visualizations

Transparent administration

The Expo 2015 section on administrative transparency, which is mandatory by law

Visit Expo

The official guide to Expo 2015.

Use cases

Examples of reuse of OpenExpo datasets