ExpoBarometro is an indicator that measures the daily social experience of Expo, meaning the explicit reactions of the visitors of the event in Milan as they appear from the posts published on Twitter every day. ExpoBarometro develops an indicator of sentiment constructed as the ratio between the percentage of posts making a positive reference to the Expo experience and the sum of the positive and negative posts, excluding from the calculation those of neutral content (such as information on events, etc.). Thus, ExpoBarometro ranges between 0 (minimum appreciation) to 100 (maximum appreciation).
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1 January 1970
All analyses are carried out through iSA® technology by VOICES from the Blogs, a spin-off of the University of Milan. iSA® allows to study Big Data with the same in-depth quality as a qualitative analysis would. This result is achieved with innovative supervised statistical techniques, which foresee as a first stage a classification of a training-set by means of human coders. This training-set is the key to retrieve meaningful information from the texts published on the Web, avoiding any problem of linguistic expression (such as humor, puns, double entendre, etc.) normally existing in other analyses based on semantic engines or on other fully automated techniques. Based on this training-set, the algorithm ranks the entire universe of posts downloaded from the Web, with an extremely limited overall margin of error. The data feed analysed daily by iSA® relates to all tweets written in Italian containing one of the following expressions: "expo, Expo2015, Expo 2015, expomilan, expomilano". These tweets are obtained through the Twitter’s API streaming and the analysis does not contain duplications and excludes posts by official Expo accounts.